Wisp 10


February-March 2009, Volume 4, No. 10


Xth issue of Wisp (published on February, 28th 2009)

  • Wisp X, the neXt generation
  • – Wisp X – Cover:Wisp 10X – Cover, photography by Tracy Marshall
  • Editorial:Wisp 10X – Editorial, “X” Marks the Spot, by Éric P. Lemoine
  • Shifting Views:Wisp 10X – Shifting Views, Considerable expectations, by Dale A Evans
  • Aquarius:Wisp 10X – Aquarius, by Elikozoe
  • Uranus:Wisp 10X – Uranus, by Sabine vom Hoff – The Art of Conscious Creation
  • Ice and Frost:Wisp 10X – Ice & Frost, by Brigitte Geisler & Tracy Marshall
  • Wisp Meditation:Wisp 10X – Wisp Meditation, proposed by Arkandin
  • Living in Two Worlds:Wisp 10X – Living in Two Worlds, by Anet Paulina
  • Slow Wave, Reflections on the writing process:Wisp 10X – Slow Wave, Reflections on the writing process, by Daniel Gilliland
  • Word Problems:Wisp 10X – Word Problems, by Pat Gerber
  • The Guitar Dude :Wisp10X – The Guitar Dude, by Faro King
  • Hay Ride:Wisp 10X – Hay Ride, by Sharon Mendenhall
  • Money is a Tool:Wisp 10X – Money is a Tool, by Sabine vom Hoff
  • Pearls from the Surf:Wisp 10X – Pearls from the Surf
  • I will wait for you:Wisp 10X – I will wait for you, poem by bob strating
  • Human Puzzle Pieces:Wisp 10X – Human Puzzle Pieces, by Bill Pate
  • Green:Wisp 10X – Green, photography by Emily Judson
  • Ink Blots:Wisp 10X – Ink Blots, by Jean Blenkhorn
  • An Intriguing New Perspective:Wisp 10X – An Intriguing New Perspective, by Mark Bukator
  • Stones:Wisp 10X – Stones, by Gayle Nabrotzky
  • Robotman’s Energy Exchange:Wisp 10X – Robotman’s Energy Exchange, by Rob Arteman
  • Glamour bombs and magical surprises:Wisp 10X – Glamour bombs and magical surprises, by Tracy Marshall
  • Summer Storms and Front Porch Swings:Wisp 10X – Summer Storms and Front Porch Swings, by Sheila Greer
  • Self-Realization and the Body:Wisp 10X – Self-Realization and the Body, by Gordon Artrias Rosenberg
  • The Mysterious Doorway of Amaru Muru:Wisp 10X – The Mysterious Doorway of Amaru Muru, by Mark Felder
  • Pisces:Wisp 10X – Pisces, by Elikozoe
  • Abundance:Wisp 10X – Abundance, by Bart Boy Kiamko
  • Tile of the Month: The Fern:Wisp10X – Tile of the Month: The Fern, by Jean-Baptiste Duret
  • The Essence of Yum, Do it For The Kipper:Wisp 10X – The Essence of Yum, Do it For the Kipper, by Marcy Singer