Wisp 06


October 2008, Volume 2, No. 6


Sixth issue of Wisp (published on October, 12th 2008)

  • Siouxth Wisp
  • – Wisp#6 – Cover:Wisp#6 – Cover page
  • Editorial:Wisp#6 – p.3 – EditorialThe Scars of the Whale, by Éric P. Lemoine & J.-B. Duret
  • Shifting Views, Where the Wild Things Are:Wisp#6 – p.5-6 – Shifting Views, Where the Wild Things Are, by Dale A. Evans
  • Libra, Scales of Balance:Wisp#6 – p. – Libra, Scales of Balance, by Elikozoe
  • The Wolf, Great Spirit of the Wilderness:Wisp#6 – p.8 – The Wolf, Great Spirit of the Wilderness, by Elikozoe
  • Lone Wolf of the Two Feathers :Wisp#6 – p.9-12 – Lone Wolf of the Two Feathers, by A. Howard Reed
  • The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff :Wisp#6 – p.13 – The Continuum Concept (Jean Liedloff), book review by Tracy Marshall
  • Whisper Zone:Wisp#6 – p.14-15,24 – Whisper Zone, by Barrie Gellis, Master Ken-Oba, Bill Pate, The Snoot, Debi Yoachum
  • Peeking In at My Own Political Process:Wisp#6 – p.16 – Peeking In at My Own Political Process, by Susan Clemons
  • Exploring Mass Events: Chapter Two:Wisp#6 – p.17,18 – Exploring Mass Events: Chapter Two, by Thomas J. Sherlock
  • Self-Centering in Mass Events:Wisp#6 – p.19 – Self-Centering in Mass Events, by Sheila Greer
  • Abandoning The Victim Mentality:Wisp#6 – p.19 – Abandoning The Victim Mentality, by Tracy Marshall
  • Awareness of Multi-Dimensional Selves:Wisp#6 – p.20 – Awareness of Multi-Dimensional Selves, by aKuna Kumara
  • The Yellow Mattress, dreams within dreams within dreams!:Wisp#6 – p.22 – The Yellow Mattress, dreams within dreams within dreams!, by Emmy van Swaaij
  • Boston Aquarium’s Critters:Wisp#6 – p.23 – Boston Aquarium Critters, Photography by Jean-Baptiste Duret
  • What is a Final Focus?:Wisp#6 – p.13 – What is a Final Focus?, by Anet Paulina
  • The White Room:Wisp#6 – p.25 – The White Room, by Hayley Y.
  • A Special CMPC Announcement:Wisp#6 – p.26 – A Special CMPC Announcement, by Sharon Mendenhall
  • Careful What You Wish For:Wisp#6 – p.27 – Careful What You Wish For, by Ayyon
  • Here there be monsters…:Wisp#6 – p.28 – Here there be monsters…, by bob strating
  • The Essence of Yum:Wisp#6 – p.28-29 – The Essence of Yum, by Marcy Singer