Wisp 02


June 2008, Volume 1, No. 2


Second issue of Wisp (published on June, 7th 2008)

  • Second issue of Wisp:Wisp#2 – Release note
  • – Wisp#2 – Cover:Wisp#2 – p.1 – Cover: Intermezzo, photography by Brigitte Geisler
  • Editorial:Wisp#2 – p.3 – Editorial, by Yurick Emonel
  • A Billy Johnson Heads Report:Wisp#2 – p.5 – A Billy Johnson Heads Report (The Andalucian Connection), by Tracy MarshallIn this new instalment of the fossile heads adventures through space and time, our photo reporter Tracy Marshall tells us more about the heads last stop in Spanish Costa del Sol.
    (For the previous instalments, refer to issue number one of Wisp)
  • Billy Johnson heads in Andalucia, Spain
  • Gemini, The Twins of Spring:Wisp#2 – p.6 – Gemini, the Twins of Spring
  • Saved By Angels:Wisp#2 – p.7 – Saved By Angels, by Margaret Collins
  • Whisper Zone:Wisp#2 – p.6, 8-9 – Whisper Zone
  • Exploring Mass Events: Introduction:Wisp#2 – p.12 – Exploring Mass Event: Introduction, by Thomas J. Sherlock
  • The Last Mimzy:Wisp#2 – p.13 – The Last Mimzy, a movie review by Rodney O. Davidson
  • The Emergence – painting by Jadia L Ward:Wisp#2 – p.12 – Emergence (painting) by Jadia L. Ward
  • Emergence:Wisp#2 – p.14-17 – Emergence, first chapter of Jadia L. Ward’s upcoming book
  • The Frogs:Wisp#2 – p.18 – The Frogs, by Mike Nelson Pedde
  • It’s a Small World Afterall:Wisp#2 – p.19-20 – It’s a Small World Afterall, by Jan Ramsey-Hart
  • Psyche, or the Trials of the Soul:Wisp#2 – p.22 – Psyche, or the Trials of the Soul, by Éric P. Lemoine
  • Ask the Snoot:Wisp#2 – p.23-25 – Ask The Snoot, by Georges & Salome (feat. the Snoot)
  • Storm Watching, am I Seeing Things:Wisp#2 – p.27 – Storm Watching, am I Seeing Things?, by Paul Gill
  • Let’s All Get On The Same Page:Wisp#2 – p.26 – Let’s All Get On The Same Page, by Sharon Mendenhall
  • Surprise Mail:Wisp#2 – p.27 – Surprise Mail, by John Cullen (crowquiller)
  • 1971 Rideau Canal by John Cullen:Wisp#2 – p.27 – Rideau CanalOttawa, seen in Surprise Mail, by John Cullen (crowquiller)
  • Fueling a New Energy Project:Wisp#2 – p.28-29 – Fueling a New Energy Project, by Bill Michaels
  • Road to Enlightenment:Wisp#2 – p.26 – Road to enlightenment, by Elikozoe
  • What is Time Bridgers?:Wisp#2 – p.29-30 – What is Time Bridgers?, by Captain Bridger
  • Editor’s Mail – Procrastinators Beware:Wisp#2 – p.31 – Editor’s Mail: Procrastinators Beware, by Bill Ingle
  • Native American Focus:Wisp#2 – p.30 – Native American Focus, by James (Rob) Arteman